Quarantine and Unit Elections

I know these challenging times bring questions to the forefront that have never been before addressed or even considered. I am asking that we take a breath and not try to rush forward with actions that are best left untouched for the time being to see if things shift back to normal. That being said, I have been asked questions regarding unit elections and certification of officers.

I ask that you please refer to your Unit’s C&B’s regarding elections. I am certain in most units this situation is not addressed. So, say your elections were to be in April – the April meeting is cancelled. Your officers will remain in office until the next Unit meeting, hopefully in May. Your current year officers will remain in office until an election can be held. Please do not try to do something that may not be in compliance with your governing documents. If this type of situation is addressed in your C&B’s, by all means move forward. But if not let’s recognize that in the large scope of things not rushing ahead is our best option.

If by the end of May you have not had the opportunity to hold elections, you will submit your Certification of Officers & Unit Data Information Form with the 2019-2020 officers listed with your bond fee to Department. When your unit elections are held you will submit a new Certification of Officers & Unit Data Information form with the 2020-2021 officers & dues information updated.

Please be safe, stay socially distant, stay in touch with each other. Thank you to all who have called and checked up on us. Gary and I are doing well. Getting some of those projects we have been putting aside done. It’s challenging. This was to be my “time to shine”. I was looking forward to attending all those District and Division Conventions. That opportunity appears to be dwindling. Please know that you are all in my prayers and when this passes we will have an amazing Department Convention and celebrate together in fine fashion.

Warm Regards,

Brenda Towers
State President 2019-2020
Department of Texas
American Legion Auxiliary