Organizing a New Unit

How to Form a Unit

The American Legion Post must vote in favor of organizing an Auxiliary Unit. After the Post votes to
organize the Unit, the Post Commander or Adjutant notifies the Department President or the Department Secretary. The Department Secretary will send a New Unit Kit that includes information needed to form the Unit to the Post officer. She will notify the Department Representative (District/County President or Unit Development & Revitalization Committee member) so she can work with the Post in organizing the Unit.

When the time and place of the informational and organizational meetings have been determined, a letter under the signature of the Commander and Adjutant should be mailed to all Post members, and a letter to Auxiliary members in the community who belong to the Department Headquarters Unit. Each letter should include the purpose, date, time and place of the two meetings and extend an invitation to become a charter member of the new Unit. (See appendix for sample letters). The Post is encouraged to publicize the meetings in the local media.

The Post Commander and Adjutant should attend these meetings to assist with the organization of the
Unit. Other Post members are welcome to attend. The Commander and Adjutant must sign the charter
application. The Adjutant, or other Post officer, needs to sign the membership applications to verify
proper eligibility.

Information About Organizing a New Unit

How to Organize a Unit Guide

Unit Charter Process and Checklist

Unit Charter Application

Articles of Incorporation


Certification of Officers List

Member Applications

Member Data Form (transfers and member information changes)

Sample Constitutions & Bylaws