Department President & Officers

Department President
Donna Dillard

Department President
Donna Dillard

Donna Dillard was elected in Killeen, Texas  July 2017 at the Department of Texas American Legion Auxiliary convention (ALA) and is honored to be serving the ALA as Department President 2017 – 2018.

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Department Officers

Vice President
Shay Kuehner

Natasha Hendricks Department Secretary

Department Secretary
Natasha Hendricks

Von Hale

Janice Winters

Cheryl Estes

Sgt. at Arms
Cheryl Estes

Gayle Simpson

Gayle Simpson

Division Presidents

1st Division
Tina Hill

2nd Division
Shirley Denson

4th Division
Sara Herman

District Presidents

1st District
Glenda Barton

2nd District
Mary Tatman

3rd District
Ann Morrow

4th District
Jean Kelly

5th District
Starla Jones

6th District
Terri Duncan

7th District
Liz Bryant

8th District
Elizabeth Moore

Janice Mathews

9th District
Janice Mathews

10th District
Lois Stuart

11th District
Tone Mahon

12th District
Brenda Straten

13th District
Jackie Jenkins

14th District
Sandie Schendel

15th District
Yolanda Garcia

16th District
Alice Coleman

Lynn Maldonado

17th District
Lynn Maldonado

18th District
Deborah Sherman

19th District
Cathy Perry

20th District
Cheryl Huguley

21st District
Joan Crider

22nd District
Carol Fleury