Department President & Officers


Department President
Teresa Simmons-Copeland

Teresa Simmons-Copeland was elected in Austin, Texas  July 2021 at the Department of Texas American Legion Auxiliary convention (ALA) and is honored to be serving the ALA as Department President 2021 – 2022.

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Department Officers

Myra Cooper

Vice President
Myra Cooper


Christine Trahan

Natasha Hendricks_TX

Department Secretary
Natasha Hendricks


Sandi Schendel


Mary Tatman

Vikki Tabor copy

Sgt. at Arms
Vikki Tabor

Rosie Cherry copy

Rosie Cherry

Division Presidents

Jackie Jenkins

1st Division
Jackie Jenkins

Terri Duncan

2nd Division
Terri Duncan

Yolanda Garcia

3rd Division
Yolanda Garcia

Image not available

4th Division

District Presidents

Diane Strait

1st District
Diane Strait

Arie Sale copy

2nd District
Arie Sale

3rd District
Linda Williams

Mary Wackerow

4th District
Mary Wackerow

Sharon Shumate

5th District
Sharon Shumate

Kami Kemp copy

6th District
Kami Kemp

Carrie Daily

7th District
Carrie Daily

Penny Honaker copy

8th District
Penny Honaker

Colene Blankinship

9th District
Colene Blankinship

10th District
Lois Stuart

Tone Mahone copy

11th District
Tone’ Mahon

Cheryl Estes

12th District
Cheryl Harrell

Lynda McClaren

13th District
Lynda McClaren

Patsy Harlan copy

14th District
Patsy Harlan

Linda Correa-Garcia copy

15th District
Linda Correa-Garcia

16th District
Lee Beth Knight

Penny Chandler

17th District
Penny Chandler

18th District
Mary Barrington

Irene Z

19th District
Irene Szwarc


20th District
Linda Marie Doege

Kim Terry

21st District
Kim Terry


22nd District
Gillian Woodstrom