Membership Reports

ALA Department of Texas Membership Reports are provided in the PDF format in Adobe Reader.



District/Division Standings

As of May 12th

This reports shows the membership totals of Districts within each Division.

Unit Standings Full Report

As of May 12th

This report shows Unit membership by District.

Current Membership Challenge

Our challenge to all members the rest of this month is for everyone to think about the value of your membership in the ALA!!  What is the value of the sacrifice your loved one made to give you the privilege to belong to the American Legion Auxiliary? 

Who Is Your Why, and what is their Value to you????  

When your Units make those calls to check on their members, have them ask this question. This is all members, not just those who have not paid their 2023 dues. ( However, this is a great way and reason to call those delinquent members.)  Let us hear your/their stories. Ask them to write you a short paragraph (or you write it for them) and send to this chairman. All responses will be on display during the Department Membership Luncheon! (Be sure to include their name and Unit #.)