Membership Reports

ALA Department of Texas Membership Reports are provided in the PDF format in Adobe Reader.



District/Division Standings

As of June 15th

This reports shows the membership totals of Districts within each Division.

Unit Standings Full Report

As of June 15th

This report shows Unit membership by District.

Current Membership Challenge

CHALLENGE #1: June 1-June 15

Division Presidents:This challenge starts with YOU!!! Each Division only needs to get 104 members.!! Please review the attached report, contact your District Presidents who have Units that are below 100% and work with them to attain the 104 members you need to help Texas reach this goal. This is 19 members per District!!
Every Division increasing their membership by 104 members by June 15 will have a BIG SURPRISE waiting for them at the Department Convention Membership Luncheon, and every District that renews, rejoins or recruits 19 members by June 15 will also have a BIG SURPRISE waiting for you! You will not want to miss out on these gifts!
You can go to ALAMIS and review the membership roster of each of the Units in your Districts. If you need help with this please let us know. We are here to help!
The current ongoing challenge for the Unit and District with the highest numerical increase by May 31 will end this next Tuesday. This new challenge will begin on June 1!! We remind you once again to contact the members who have not renewed for 2022. There are over 2000 on the books. Can we get 400 of them to renew? YES WE CAN!!!

CHALLENGE #2: June 1-June 30

The Texas goal is 14,500 members. We need 1,109 members to reach our Texas Goal.
This is 278 members per Division and 50 members per District! Who is up for the Challenge?? Who will step up and out and say WE CAN DO THIS? Your reward for achieving this goal will be more than you can imagine! Lets ROCK that Meeting room with the biggest celebration we have ever had!
This committee challenges each Division and each Unit to challenge each other!