2020 Department Convention Cancelled

Dear Texas ALA Members;

As you are aware, the Texas American Legion Department Executive Committee has, over the past few days, been discussing and has now voted to cancel the 2020 Department Convention which was to be held in July at the Renaissance Hotel, Cedar Park. It is certainly with mixed emotions that I share this information with you. Please see the attached Resolution # 3 of The American Legion in which the 2020 Department of Texas Convention has been cancelled. As a result, the American Legion Auxiliary 2020 Department Convention is also cancelled. 

After careful review of our Constitution & Bylaws and consulting with Department Parliamentarian, Gayle Simpson, the 2019-2020 Department Officers, Chairmen, and Committee members will serve another term with the exception of the odd year districts which will continue with their terms as was voted on in 2019. Meaning odd year district presidents will go out of office in 2021 and even year district presidents will go out of office in 2022. 

This is certainly an unprecedented occurrence, but not wholly unexpected given the circumstances of the pandemic. The health and safety of our membership is our top priority. Due to the uncertainty of the duration of the disease known as the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and the numerous government regulations being enforced to contain it, our Department Vice President Teresa and I respect and support the decision of The American Legion.

We have chosen to make the most of this opportunity to set our course for the next century of service. We will continue to celebrate, but we also have an amazing opportunity for a “do over”. How many times in our lives is that a possibility? We can make changes in our plans. While finding out the strengths of those I have worked with this past year, I have also figured out some areas that we could use shoring-up as a Department. You will see a few changes in committees – some moving around of talent. I’m not above exploiting this opportunity to make 2020-2021 even better than the year we are now completing. 

We have strength, we have conviction and we have hope. We can do it and we will still continue to celebrate our 100th Anniversary together for another year!!! 

As always, if you have questions, concerns or just want to discuss the direction of the Department of Texas, please reach out. I hope that you will share this message with our membership and let them know of the decisions made.

Warm Regards,

Brenda Towers
State President 2019-2020
Department of Texas

PDF Available Here