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Unit Certification of Officers - ALA Texas

Unit Certification of Officers

The Department office staff are back in operation.  All functions are up and running. Natasha, Sherry and Dee are ready and willing to work with you to continue to make it through these challenging times. As you are aware, the Department, Division and District Officers will continue in their positions for another term. With the exception of the odd number district officers who will continue with their terms. There are a few changes and those will be made pubic shortly but they are not many nor are they disruptive. The Department Committees will also stay fairly in place with a few changes made to take advantage  of personnel who are available this year that may not have been last.  Stay tuned for more information on that subject.

Now is the time to send in your Unit Certification of Officers.  I have attached a copy of that form here for your use.  It should go to Natasha Hendricks, our Department Secretary  If you have not elected officers for 2020-2021, that is ok.  Fill out the form with the officers that are in place.  Department is under a deadline to get this information into National and it’s imperative that we have the most up-to-date information possible. Then, when you hold your Unit elections – complete a new form and get it to Natasha. At that time the information in our directory “blue book” will be updated and sent out to keep everyone informed.

As we all start to get back out into the world please remember that you are important. Be safe and cautious as you once again start your face-to-face work with our Veterans, their families and your communities.

Warm Regards,


Service, Not Self