Seats & Feets 2021

Unit 154, Pflugerville, is hosting an underwear drive to benefit two local groups.  They are just now getting it launched, and have sent out the attached flier for both physical donations and cash.  Members will be circulating these fliers among friends, families and neighbors over the next 4-6 weeks, hoping to supply every elementary in Pflugerville with underwear, socks, shorts and sweat pants for the younger grades, who are more likely to show up without these items or to soil them in class.  School nurses will be the folks distributing the underwear as needed.
The unit also hopes to donate additional undergarments to Circle of Hope Community Center, the Pflugerville food bank, who also provide clothing, housewares, and furniture in specific needs.  Many of their Post and Unit members volunteer at Circle of Hope to distribute food several days a week, to stock donations and to work produce that is donated from HEB and the federal agricultural department. One couple receives 100-pound bags of rice and beans every Friday and over the weekend measures these out into 1- and 2-pound bags for distribution.
Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.  Click here for a downloadable flier.