R.E.D. Shirts

As an independent animal rescuer in South Texas, Department President Teresa Simmons Copeland knows all too well what happens to many animals when they get into the shelter system, however, she also understands they are 100% necessary and sometimes the best alternative to hard living in the streets. It’s estimated that there are currently 3.3 million dogs in shelters at this very moment, 6.5 million companion animals when you include cats. That number is unacceptable!

If you take a look at our Veteran population, many are suffering with PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury and or Military Sexual Trauma. The current suicide rate for our veterans is 22 a day…22! That number is just unacceptable! That is why she chose K9 for Warriors as her special project. They care about our veterans, as do we, and are making a difference in their lives, but they’re also making a difference in the lives of shelter dogs that may have otherwise been put down. For every one shelter dog pulled, two dogs are saved, the one taken out and the one that takes his place…at least it has a chance.

“I know you already advocate for our veterans and I hope you’ll join me in advocating for our furry friends. If you’ve ever had a dog, you know they are family and for a veteran, sometimes that’s the only family they have. My goal is to raise enough money to train at least one dog (maybe more). It’s ‘ruff-ly’ $27,000.00 with no cost to the veteran.” Fill out your RED shirt order form today and let’s start saving some lives! ???????

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