National Membership Workshop

It brings me great satisfaction to announce that the American Legion’s membership workshop is going virtual and will be open to anyone who wants to attend!

We have become proficient at adapting and overcoming obstacles this year. This pandemic has kept us from meeting face-to-face for many of the training sessions we normally would be sharing in person and the Legion’s annual National Membership Workshop which was scheduled to be in August is one of those situations.

The American Legion Auxiliary along with the American Legion is proving we can step up to meet the challenges of our “new normal”. Whether it’s fighting for veteran’s rights or adjusting our lives around the pandemic sweeping the world, our members, you, are stepping up as leaders to ensure the mission is still accomplished using the technology available to us.

Technology is what will be utilized to conduct the membership workshop as a way to continue sharing ideas and learning new methods for growing our organization. Through Microsoft Teams, the National Membership Workshop will be conducted on-line from August 3 – 6. The workshop will be conducted from 4-8p.m. EDT during the four-day event, with a 2 hour break for dinner.

What does this mean to you? All of us, yourself included, now have the ability to train and interact with members across the country simultaneously, as this is open to all members – Legion and Auxiliary.

The attached schedule shows topics that will provide something for everyone interested in membership and learning more about the American Legion Family.

You just have to click on “Attendee Link” in the attached agenda for the session you want to attend about 15 minutes before it starts. It’s a wonderful training opportunity for all our members.

Please do whatever you can to spread the word to ALL our members!! 

Be safe, stay careful, and know that you are important!