Fall DEC Update

As most of you are aware we are having to adjust our meetings in Austin to follow Travis county health guidelines due to the Covid-19 outbreak which may, according to news reports get more stringent quite soon. We are working hard to ensure the safety of our members while at this meeting. Because of those guidelines we will NOT be issuing call ins to committees and committee chairmen with a couple of exceptions. This will be a one-day meeting – Saturday only. All business will be conducted on Saturday, September 26, 2020. 

In answer to suggestions and solutions that have been offered; We have a contractual commitment to the hotel for this meeting, cancelling the meeting is not an option unless the governing bodies of the city, county or state require that to happen. Should that occur we are prepared to host a virtual meeting and would announce those plans if needed. 

As referenced in a previous memo sent out by Department Secretary Natasha here are a few of the guidelines we will be REQUIRED to adhere to:

  • Travis County has a MANDATORY face mask rule that states when in ANY public area of the hotel you MUST wear a face mask. If caught not wearing your mask both the ALA and the Omni hotel could be fined a $1000 for each offense. 
  • The Governor of Texas and the City of Austin have issued a 50% occupancy for all events with 6 ft social distancing between attendees. We are diligently working with the hotel to meet these requirements. There will be no committee presentations or call in’s other than the finance committee and membership chair.
  • Individuals will NOT be allowed to congregate in public areas, once your meeting is over you are asked to return to your sleeping room. The Legion has cancelled all hospitality rooms, social events, and food events. 
  • We will have face masks on hand for those attending that may need one. We will also be performing temperature checks at the door before you enter the meeting space. Temperature checks will be done EVERY time you enter a group meeting space. 
  • To comply with the 50% occupancy rule all seating will be assigned. Please ensure to sit in your assigned chair for EVERY meeting you attend.   Social distancing will be practiced at all times in the meeting room which is why the meeting attendance is limited. 
  • The hotel room block will be open July 15th. This block will be open for the DEC only.

We are working on a plan to live stream the meeting. More information will be posted when we have the proper details closer to the meeting date.

Thank you, ladies, for your understanding in these unprecedented times. 


Brenda Towers, Department President