On Saturday, April 18th, I put out a memo based on direction from National that our reports would not be turned in for this year, they would wait and a dual year report would be submitted next year for 2019-2021. With the exception of our impact numbers.

After thinking this through a bit and talking with some of you, I have changed direction. We, Texas, need to celebrate our accomplishments for 2019-2020. We need to let our members know that their efforts are appreciated and recognize those efforts. If we have a convention in July we can celebrate those accomplishments then. If we do not, certificates and awards will be given at our next meeting, whenever that is – Fall DEC – Mid-winter or something completely different but celebrate we must.

Please, submit your reports if you haven’t done so already. If we have a convention in July, a book of reports for Texas accomplishments will be created. If we do not have a convention in July, we will have a much larger book of reports in July 2021 with both years. This will serve two purposes – to celebrate 2019-2020, and to have the first year documented so that those accomplishments this year will be remembered and included in the two year report sent to National next year.

I apologize for changing direction but these are challenging times. It’s important to keep our collective eye on the ball and do what is best for the Department of Texas, not what is necessarily easier.

We’ve never been an organization to just take the easy path – we take the best path. Stay Safe, Be Careful and Know that You are Cherished!

Please feel free to reach out to me with concerns or questions.

Brenda – 817-578-0270 /